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How to deposit to your Octa trading account

How to deposit funds

  1. To make a deposit, log in to your profile.
  2. Press the New Deposit button.
  3. Select the account you want to top up. 
  4. Choose your preferred transfer method. You can deposit money using several payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and more.

The actual list of available payment methods depends on the country you specified during the registration.

How to make a deposit through local banks 

Deposit via bank transfer

  1. Select the Local Bank option or choose your bank from the list. If you do not see this option, deposits via local banks in your country might be available only to verified users. Verify your account and try to make a deposit again.
  2. Specify the deposit amount. 
  3. Adjust your bonus percentage.
  4. If you did not do it earlier, select your bank now.
  5. To transfer money to Octa, choose one of the available options. Open your online banking app, go to an ATM, or visit your bank branch.  

    Make a transfer using the bank details you see on the deposit page. Keep the payment document.

    Keep the payment credentials at hand when making your deposit. The amount you specify on the site must match the amount you actually transfer, or your deposit might take longer to process. Please note that according to our security policy, you can only deposit funds using your own bank account.

  6. When done, notify us about the transfer. Press Notify Us After Transfer and fill out the form. Specify the amount of your transfer, your bank account number, and the payment date.  

To speed up the process, upload the payment document. Press Continue and wait for our confirmation.

Deposits via local banks usually take 1–3 hours.

How to make a deposit with your card or e-wallet 

Deposit with card or e-wallet

  1. Select Visa, Mastercard, or your preferred e-wallet. The actual list of available payment options may vary depending on your region.

  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit or choose one of the suggested options.
  4. Adjust your bonus percentage.
  5. If necessary, fill in additional payment information. Check the transfer details.
  6. To complete the payment, follow the instructions on the payment service page.

These deposits are usually processed almost instantly but sometimes take up to 30 minutes.

Does Octa charge any transaction fee?

No. We does not charge any deposit or transaction fee. However, your payment provider may charge its own fees and commissions. Make sure to check it before making a transfer.

How to deposit money to a trading account on OctaTrader?

Deposits work the same way for all account types. Just select the account you want to top up, choose a payment method, and follow the instructions.

How quickly does Octa process payments?

Deposits made with cards, e-wallets, and most other methods are usually processed within several minutes but can take up to 30 minutes. Bank transfers take 1–3 hours but can linger for up to one business day in rare cases.

My deposit has not arrived, what should I do?

Try waiting a little bit more: each payment method has its own standard execution time, and your deposit will most definitely arrive soon. However, if it is significantly late or you have any other deposit issues, contact our Customer Support.

How to deposit money to a demo account?

Demo accounts use virtual money: you do not need to deposit real funds. To top up a demo account, just select it in your profile and press the Top Up button.