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Octa trading app is an official Forex trading tool allowing for both depositing and withdrawing funds. In-app settings help you manage your Octa personal profile, manage deposits, and control real, demo, and contest accounts. This lightning-fast new Forex application with an attractive and easy-to-use design is specially tailored for you to keep your Forex trading accounts up-to-date wherever you are: in a coffee shop, in an airport, or on the ride.

Manage your trading accounts:

  • Create Forex trading accounts
  • Modify leverage
  • Benefit from swap-free trading
  • Edit and restore password
  • Top up your demo account

Manage your finances:

  • Deposit to your account using the most popular payment options
  • View your deposit history
  • Track deposit statuses

Getting started with Octa trading app

  • 1
    Find us on Google Play and install the app.
  • 2
    Create an Octa profile.
  • 3
    Choose a trading platform.
  • 4
    Top up your account and proceed to trading.

Track your accounts across trading applications for all Forex platforms:

  • MetaTrader 5
  • MetaTrader 4
  • Download MT5

    For all device versions

    Be innovative with MetaTrader 5

    One of the most advanced and up-to-date trading platforms. It provides a high number of technical analysis tools, charting options, and timeframes for smarter trading. Trade 35 сurrency pairs, gold and silver, 3 energies, 10 indices, 150 stocks, and 30 cryptocurrencies in your OctaFX MT5 account. Moreover, get access to 21 timeframes and an Economic Calendar.

    • Trend-setting: allows traders to choose Forex or other positions without worrying about its stability.
    • Fast-performing: the platform’s backtesting functions are quicker than the ones of MetaTrader 4; it applies no restrictions on the amount of trades being executed.
    Learn more about MetaTrader 5 platform
  • Download MT4

    For all device versions

    Stay confident with MetaTrader 4

    A commonly used Forex trading platform. As many people throughout the world use it, this application supports many languages, which makes it a great choice for non-English-speaking traders. In our OctaFX MT4 accounts, you can trade 35 currency pairs, gold and silver, 4 indices, 150 stocks, and 30 cryptocurrencies.

    • Highly secure: allows traders to choose Forex or other positions without worrying about its stability.
    • Widely-acknowledged: used by new and experienced traders, trusted by individual traders, Introducing brokers, and trading companies.
    Learn more about MetaTrader 4 platform

Set up and keep track of your bonuses and bonus amounts

Bonus on each deposit

Make a deposit via Octa trading app or on our site and we'll give you a 50% bonus, which you can manage directly in our app. Use it to open trades of a higher volume for more profit potential. 50% bonus applies to your margin and allows you to perform bigger trades. Keep trading so you can withdraw your bonus funds—you will get the payout automatically.

Learn more about 50% bonus on deposit
Bonus on each deposit

Responsive Customer Support directly in the app:

  • At your service 24/7
  • Always remains active on your mobile device
  • Prompt answers within just 30 seconds